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Complete Abaya / Caftan Dress Model 

Modern Style Abaya / Caftan Dress made from finest quality materials

Abaya / Caftan Dress Model Colors:

Abaya / Caftan Dress Model available colors are listed below , select a color to order or to view the related Abaya / Caftan Dress Model color picture.

Abaya / Caftan Dress Model Sizes:

Abaya / Caftan Dress Model Sizes are listed in the select field below ,If you know your size chose a size to order or read below to understand more about Abaya sizes.

If you dont know which Abaya / Caftan dress size to chose, You can write down your weight (in Kilogram) and your Height (in Centimeters) in the text box below then click save customization , so we can send the Abaya / Caftan Dress Model  size that fits you.

How to Order:

After Selecting Abaya / Caftan Dress Model color and size , or saving your your weight and height , Simply click on Add to Cart Button to proceed with your order.

Dont forget to click on SAVE CUSTOMIZATION before clicking on ADD TO CART buttons, in case you chose to fill your height and weight and leave to us the mission to decide which Abaya / Caftan Dress Model size fits you.

Discounts and Wholesale Orders:

Discounts will be applied in the final step after entering your shipping address to calculate shipping cost or if you eligible for FREE SHIPPING

Other Discounts and Special Offers will be shown in your cart as per our periodic announced offer programs.

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If you want to order more Abaya / Caftan Dress Model with same color and size edit the number before add to cart,

In case you want to order different sizes and/or colors from same Abaya / Caftan Dress model,

  1. Select your first model size , color and quantity then click Add to Cart
  2. In the next window click Continue Shopping to place your next selection.
  3. Place your next selection.
  4. Repeat if you want to add more selections.
  5. Once you finish all your selections, Click on Proceed to Checkout from next window.
  6. Enter your shipping address and details then Available discounts will be applied automatically.
  7. Proceed to payment and you are done!

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Product customization

Don't forget to save your customization to be able to add to cart
  • 250 char. max
  • 250 char. max

  • Security policy SSL enabled to secure your data Security policy SSL enabled to secure your data
  • Delivery policy : Shipping options will revealed once you register your address. Delivery policy : Shipping options will revealed once you register your address.
  • Return policy : Accepted as per our policy Return policy : Accepted as per our policy

Welcome to ZahraaMode, House of Modern Abaya / Caftan Dress

Abaya / Caftan Dress Quality:

We dont just select the modern style of abaya / caftan dress, but we care for Abaya / caftan dress material quality.

Quality is main criteria when we offer Abaya / Caftan Dress.

ZahraaMode deals only with Original Abaya / Caftan Dress Fashion Designers, whom selecting the cloth quality materials and provide to abaya / caftan dress factory to manufacture.

We dont accept Abaya / Caftan Dress factories to use their own materials in order to guarantee and control the quality of our abaya / caftan dress materials.

Abaya Materials are slected from finest imported quality cloth materials.

Abaya / Caftan Dress Sizes:

Abaya / Caftan Dress Sizes varies from one model to another, and from one factory to another,

the basic rule is that First size fits for weight of 55-70 Kilogram and every additional size adds 10-15 Kilogram of weights to the abaya  / caftan dress size.

Which means if Abaya / Caftan Dress,  listed with four sizes like L,XL,2X,3X,4X ... that means that:

L fits for 55-70 Kilogram weight ,

XL fits for 65-80 Kilogram weight ,

2X fits for 75-90 Kilogram,

3X fits for 85-100 Kilogram,

4X fits for weight 95+ Kilogram up to 110 Kilogram for plus and extra sizes.

As Abaya / Caftan Dress comes in loose and majority comes with inner or outer belt so no matter what your breast or hips size , as it will fit to you as per standard measurements.

If you like your abaya / caftan dress style in loose you can use above size standards.

If you like your abaya / caftan dress style fits perfect then use only 10KG for each extra weight not 15Kg,

Which means:

If You are 65 Kilogram and want it to be loose choose XL , 

If You are 65 Kilogram and want it to be tightly fit choose L.

For more convenient service , you can type your Weight , Height in the blank boxes before you order so we get you the abaya size that fits you best...

Shipments and returns

1- General Rules:

  • Order Preparation usually takes 3-7 working days from the day payments entered our account. 
  • In case payment done through PayPal, Shipping is made to the address registered in your PayPal account unless other address stated on PayPal itself.
  • Your Order will be handed to Shipping Courriel you chose while completing your order according to available shipping couriers to your country.
  • Tracking number will be emailed to you and registered in your Account page under tab Order History and Details in case the courier you chose provide such service as per explained later below.
  • You can track your shipment through courier website by clicking on the tracking number in your account which will take you to courier website to know where is your shipment now and when will reach you.

 2- Delivery Time:

           7-15 Working Days.

3- Shipping Prices:

            Varies according to net weight of your order , shipping courier you chose and Destination country as explained in the table below:

  1.  Egypt:

  • According to state. start from €2 Cairo/Alex. up to 20Pieces.

     2. Arab Countries ( Gulf & Middle East):

  • First Kilo €10, Each additional kilo €7.

     3. European Countries & UK:

  • First Kilo €14, Each additional kilo €8,
  • More than 7 Kilo = 1 Kilo is €9. (€9*7Kg)

     4. Asia:

  • First Kilo €16, each additional kilo €9.

     5. USA, Canada & Rest of world:

  • First Kilo €18, Each additional Kilo €10.
  • More than 7Kg for USA & Canada 1 Kilo = €8 (€8*7K)

* Average weights of Garments products is 0.75-1.25 Kilo.

* Less than a Kilo accounts as 1 Kilo.

* More than 100 Pcs, Air cargo shipping preferred, Contact Logistics Department 

* Order preparation time is addition to estimated delivery time.

* Working days as per shipping and receiving countries working days.

4- Shipper Responsibilities:

As per international Shipping / logistics laws. you can review on couriers websites:

Post: http://www.giza.gov.eg

EMS: https://www.ems.post/

Aramex: https://www.aramex.com/

DHL: https://www.dhl.com/

Fedex: https://www.fedex.com/

5- Returns and Refunds:

Products must be returned first to the following address: 

Contact Logistics

After product is received and examined not used and in the original dispatching condition with all labels on it, 

We will send the replacement on free shipping from same model or any other model no more than original ordered model value..

Or we issue refund as per your decision.

6- Packing:

Normal packing is used unless Gift Packing ordered.

Secure payment

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About ZahraaMode

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